About Us

Ah!Natural™ and its subsidiary Ah!Natural Baby™ was started by two brothers inspired by their sister’s frustration. Upon getting married and starting a family, she found it impossible to find toys that were safe for her newborn son. The brothers realized that if their sister was having trouble, certainly other concerned parents were as well. It was with that Ah!Natural™ was born. Ah!Natural™ is a family run company in the greater Portland, OR area committed to making local, handcrafted, all-natural toys with their own nephew in mind. Children’s toys should be as simple and as natural as they are. That’s why we at Ah!Natural™ say, “Your child never worries about what goes in their mouth, so neither should you!”

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Thanks for checking out the blog. Please check back often for updates and info on new products and vendors. We are now accepting orders online for all of our products so please feel free to browse the website. Today we made our first shipment to a retail vendor and our products are now available at Piccolina on 26th in and Clinton in Portland Oregon.